Cross Country Training Roller Skis

Cross Country Training Roller Skis

Carbon Fiber Cross Country Roller Skis 

Frame Material

carbon Fiber 


75x44mm or 70x40mm


6061 aluminum 

wheel Speed

High speed




Ski training during the summer and fall is critical to improving cross country ski technique and fitness. Roller skiing is an important part of a well-rounded summer program because roller skis do an excellent job imitating on-snow training. Like skiing on snow, roller skiing exercises arms, legs, core and improves cardiovascular fitness. Roller skiing is also great training for injured runners who are looking for an alternative low-impact, weight bearing workout.

The saying “Skiers are made in the summer” is absolutely true because winters aren’t long enough to get all the workout time in to build the base needed to improve at an endurance sport like cross country skiing. So skiers need to roller ski in the summer, along with strength training and running/pole hiking, to get the work in to build their base and develop technique.

Pick One: Skate or Classic

Skate roller skis are identified by having shorter shafts and narrower wheels with larger diameters than classic roller skis. Classic roller skis are longer, have wider wheels and smaller diameters for easier balance with a ratchet in either the front or rear wheel to provide kick.

Simply select the technique you would like to improve in. Skate if you want to improve your strength and technique for skate or classic if that is where you want to improve. If you are unsure, the rule of thumb is — practice good skate technique on roller skis before classic. Skate skiing on good roller skis, whether it’s V1, V2 or open field, imitates all aspects of on-snow skate skiing. Classic roller skis are perfect for developing the arms and core strength needed to improve on-snow classic performance, but their "perfect kick" can lead to learning poor kicking form. Getting a kick while striding on snow requires strong technique, including good weight transfer, and this is not necessarily a requirement for classic roller skiing.

This material is Carbon Roller Ski -CLASSIC. Best class quality and exceptionally good flexible.


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