This fabulous Electric Scooter has a 25 to 40-kilometre range pending on your speed, with speeds up to 25 to 40 kilometres per hour or 15 to 25 Miles per hour with a safe climb angle up to 25 degrees with a Max. load of 150 Kg or 330 Lbs.

Comes with three speed modes Beginner, Fast, Cruise, its gross weight is 29 kilograms has front and rear disc brakes. It folds in half for storage, 500 Watt motor, Made of Aluminum Alloy it comes with a swappable battery pack it has two tire sizes options: 8 inch diameter, wide street tire and a 10 inch diameter off-road tire. It has a fabulous suspension and it even comes with a seat option. torque of 18.5N/M2. And is a wide deck for more comfortable ride.

Due to restrictions in transportation for batteries Please Allow 6 weeks Delivery.

    $1,400.00 Regular Price
    $1,260.00Sale Price

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