Personal Subway Handle, Anti-Virus, Anti-Germs, Hygienic touch - 5 Pack

Personal Subway Handle, Anti-Virus, Anti-Germs, Hygienic touch - 5 Pack



It is a product made of durable plastic, suitable for all public transportation vehicles, which can perform functions such as hanging, pulling, pressing and carrying. Thanks to the rubber adhered to the hook part, it does not slip and reduces contact in public places. 

When sick people sneeze or cough, they close their mouths with their hands and then touch the places such as the door handle and handle in the public transport vehicle; causing the microbe to leave where it comes into contact. Other passengers contacting these areas receive the microbe directly as a result of bringing their hands to their mouths, noses or eyes. Diseases may occur depending on factors such as virus or microbe shape and immune system of the person.

Our company does not fall under the scope of the ban and continues to deliver cargo without interruption.

Package Contain: Hold Assistant and Rubber Part
Open the Package
Please stick the rubber inside the hook against the press section.
Hold touch buddy press section can be used for any button such as in elevator, in public transportation
Travel by holding the trip section of the apparatus
Use Hold Touch Buddy to carry any shopping bags.

Security Warnings: 
Hold Touch Buddy can carry up to 100 lbs. Please keep away from fire. Hold Touch buddy is only allowed to use for one person each time when it used. Unsuitable for children under 12 years of age. Do not use multiple Hold Touch Buddy together.

Note: Please use Hold Touch Buddy properly when you are on the bus as it described instruction manual. The manufacturer is not responsible for any incident and damage that may result from uses outside the field of use. 
This product does not protect you from any diseases.